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A big thank you is owed to the Timestone Team.  We have been working with their software for a number of years.  Timestone has helped us streamline our Data Department thereby saving us labor and delivering our school portraits faster.  At our volume, we need a software that works and a team that is responsive to our ever changing needs. The Timestone team made it happen. 

They are the best in the industry!

William J Ripcho
Ripcho Studio, Cleveland, OH
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Timestone Software is the first workflow software I have ever used that didn’t force me to sacrifice my creative edge. All  of the other software I tried limited my ability to customize our product line or made my productivity suffer if I wanted to offer unique products.

Timestone is a platform in which the more creative I am the greater the possibilities.

Using Timestone I continue to find new innovative ways to keep our school and sports interesting and fresh for our customer base. It gives me a great marketing edge when soliciting new clients by keeping us at the front of the industry in our offerings. The production savings has allowed us to expand at a fast rate without growing our expenses. 
Timestone has allowed us to create an environment that has dramatically reduced our production mistakes and reprints. By developing a software that is easy to learn and easy for administrators to control  access to critical processes the damage by good-willing but less capable employees is limited. 

I found Timestone to be the first software that actually listens & responds to user’s complaints, issues, or wishes. Customer service is remarkable and thorough.  Development of this software and the ultimate direction of Timestone is obviously driven by their consumers.

I have not found any software as robust and yet simple as Timestone, one of the reasons I often tell people “I’m Timestone’s biggest cheerleader.”

Bill Champion Pictures Plus, Waynesboro, PA
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We are doing business with Timestone for more than 10 years now. We are a lab doing school, weddings, sports…and we have to adapt our workflow to the particular request of our customers. The series of Timestone software allows us this flexibility. The service is impeccable, the development is intelligent. When they add new features, you can see they studied it and thought about it because it works. Thank you to all Timestone team to make our life easier.

Anouk Thomas Photolab Yves Thomas, Montreal Canada
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Timestone Software has changed our business! 
Only a year and half ago we were using another software and before that yet another…and we were completely frustrated!  Timestone and its many components have allowed us to “keep up with the big boys”.  We have been able to stretch the limits of our imagination to produce products and services for our customers that we never thought possible. 
The nearly 24-hour Tech. Support is awesome!  With other software companies, Tech. Support was a nightmare.  Our prior experience has shown us that when it comes to this kind of complex database-driven software “you get what you pay for!”
I highly recommend Timestone software to any school, sport or event photography company. 

Lynn Adams The House of Portraits, San Jacinto, CA
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Parker Portraits switched to Timestone Software this season for our underclass market. The customer service we have received has been fantastic, no more waiting and wondering about when or how we may receive technical support.The system is so easy to use, we can train our staff in fifteen minutes, and they feel like they truly have a grasp of the software.  Most importantly, even though we are a small business, we feel the people at Timestone have gone above and beyond many times over. I simply don't have enough good things to say about the software, company, or people. My only regret is not switching earlier!

Jay Parker Parker Portraits, Boise, ID
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Timestone software easily handled a 50% annual growth in our school and event division while allowing us to provide to our clients all the "extras" that until recently only the big boys could offer. In our market, thanks in no small measure to Timestone Software, the big National chains are keenly aware of our competitive presence.
We investigated the three school software biggies at PMA, tested all three and found Timestone to be the most simple, complete and easy to use. The Timestone developers appear to have spent less energy on trying on creating snazzy interfaces and more time developing a product that does what it says it will do efficiently every time.
Our main concern about the purchase was how support would be provided across the expansive Pacific. We came to find Timestone support to be far more knowledgeable and committed than any software vendor we have worked with.
In a crisis (caused by us) their engineers were on the phone with us at 2:00am Sydney time helping us get through it. Their level of commitment to making the product work well for professionals is unbelievable.
An added benefit to that commitment is that at the beginning of each season, when we download the latest updates, we find that every suggestion we have made has been incorporated into the new release along with the suggestions of other professionals in the field. Seems a bit like Linux for School photographers without us having to know how to program!
Obviously I can't say enough good about this stuff, would recommend it to anyone and say with confidence after intensive use and testing of the competition that it is years ahead of the other products out there. It is reliable, easy to use, consistent and is backed by great tech support.
It has allowed us to grow and we trust it to handle additional volume as we continue to expand in our market. Call me and I'll be happy to ramble more.

Scott Rodgers Stuart-Rodgers Ltd., Chicago - Evanston
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Timestone Software has given us nearly infinite possibilities of products and designs; our success has been a direct result of using Timestone Software in the lab. 
When you do the research, Timestone is the obvious choice for a lab that wants to grow and succeed. Once we added Timestone, the possibilities with our products and designs became endless.  It’s a “must have” for a lab that insists on success. 
Timestone is the most effective way to differentiate yourself from your competition. 

Richard Markham All Star Imaging, Bowling Green, KY
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You guys Rock! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your dedication to your customers. As long as you guys make software, I will be a customer.

Jeff Williams Fast Foto Lab, Amesbury, MA
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Having been using different photography programs for the past year and a half, our recent move into the school and sports portrait market was marred by one truth: how to get our customers photos back to them in as short a time period as possible. In a trade where everyone wants their products yesterday, the last thing a photographer needs to be doing is sorting photos and matching names with orders.
Timestone Software has given us the ability to be competitive by providing programs with unparalleled databasing capabilities. The completely modular system has allowed us to choose which products to purchase for specific capabilities, i.e. data preparation or capturing. The software has literally cut hours off of production time. With Timestone, we prepare a job before picture day, capture our images into the already prepared job file, and when we get back to the lab, literally click print! The only thing we need to figure out is whether to drink tea or coffee while it's doing its thing.
The software's capabilities go far beyond the school industry, as we have proven to ourselves and others in sports photography. Using Neopack Professional to package print our memory mates is without a doubt one of the easiest things we've ever had to do for our customers. We prepare a custom or generic template, import it, tell Neopack where individuals photos, and team photos belong, and that's it. We're done. No sorting, no matching.
As a lab, we've now been able to print for other photographers who either use or don't use Timestone. We've been able to print 3½" x 5" images as 8" x 10" in seconds, just by clicking 'print'. It should be noted that no other software we've used has been able to render images this well.
One would think that being on two different continents, let alone sixteen hours apart would lead to serious support service problems, but not so. In fact, Timestone has got the best support of any company we've ever dealt with, personally or professionally! Questions are answered within minutes via email.
Atlantis Photography will continue to use Timestone's user friendly and extremely powerful software as it has single handedly made us competitive in the group photography and digital lab industries.

Mike Hilson Atlantis Photography, Toronto, Ontario
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Timestone Software has become an integral part of our production process and has been 100% successful for us.
We have had very few support needs and when we did your staff reacted quickly and effectively. The ease of use compared to other software production tools we have is amazing - our staff have become experts with very little effort.
We now produce the best Composites in our market and that has given us a competitive edge that has allowed us to grow our business.
Thank you to you and your staff for providing us such a successful and easy to use production tool!

Joe Bruno Pegasus School Images, Stony Creek, Ontario
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Our studio has been photographing schools and sports for over 20 years. After comparing all publishers of school and event software we selected Timestone. Our previous experience using other software gave us the background to know what was needed to get our jobs done right and on time. Timestone Software has met and in most cases exceeded our expectations. Their service and support is second to none. Our digital sports - school packages have been a big hit. Our volume this fall was up 30% over last year. I can attribute a lot of this to Timestone Software. We use NeoPack Pro, CapturePost, NeoComposite, and NeoGroup. We are excited about using the new Green Screen option in NeoPack.

Rick Rei
l Realife Photography, Kennewick, WA
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Timestone has allowed us to increase our school and sports business with their flawless work flow. We cut our labor in half on school and sports production allowing us endless opportunity in growth. Schools are stunned by our turnaround times and the word is spreading.

Randy Kuhn Pictures Plus, Waynesboro, PA

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