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At Timestone Software, we are a small team of people hard at work to bring you the latest in cutting-edge imaging software..
Our experienced team has a 30 year legacy of developing lab and photography based digital imaging applications..
Timestone Software is located in Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia.

Timestone Software
P.O. Box 26

Sassafras Gully VIC 3787 Australia

General enquiries: info at timestone dot com dot au
Support enquiries: support at timestone dot com dot au

USA and Canada

Mark Renken
P.O. Box 67083
Lincoln NE 68506

Phone: 402-421-2280
Email: mark at timestonesoftware dot com


Mathieu Francillard
5, av Fran├žois ROUSSEAU

92700 Colombes


Phone: +33 06 62 01 78 40
Email: mafr at picstech dot fr

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